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     Oregon Oak Products Inc. offers some of the finest in hand crafted  Solid Oak accent and occasional Furniture. Our entire line is proudly made in America, here in the beautiful state of Oregon.   The factory is located in White City, not far from the famous Rogue River. We specialize in the small, hard to find pieces for your home and office that your local dealer seems reluctatant to show on the floor.

      We only use furniture grade Northern Red Oak.  None of that so-called "Asian Hardwood","Asian Oak", "Eastern Oak", or "Rubber Wood" for us! Our lumber originates from the northen part of America. Primarily Michigan and Indiana. The other species of wood we use in our line of “Custom Lazy Susans” is the very best grade of lumber available.

     We offer several standard as well as Custom colors of stains so  you may rest assured of a good blend with your existing pieces. We also offer our entire line unfinished for those of you who prefer to "do it yourself". Our two coat finish system assures a  surface that both protects the wood and provides a mar resistant surface.

     Please visit us for great value at factory direct prices. All pieces are shipped UPS to your door.