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Circle Pattern

Here is a very easy way to make a simple circle pattern. This will help you decide what size Lazy Susan would be best for your dining room table, or any other application.

You wonít need anything special. Just a couple of shopping sacks, a ruler, marker pen and a pair of scissors.

First, find a couple of the large brown paper sacks of the kind that you bring groceries home from the store with. Two of the same sized bags work best. (In this case, it will be paper, not plastic)

Carefully undo the flaps that are folded and glued that make up the bottom of the sacks. If you tear them a little bit, no big deal. Do this on both bags.

Now cut each sack up the side so that you end up with one big rectangle of paper.

Position the edges that were the tops of the bags together and tape them. Now you will have one big almost square piece that is about 37 inches by 42 inches. This will let you make a circle 36 inches in diameter. If you need a larger circle, just add more paper on the edges to make a bigger square. It should look like this picture.

Fold the paper in half along the tape line.

Now fold again in quarters

Fold one more time into the shape of a cone.

With your ruler or tape measure, mark of one inch increments starting at half of the size cicle you think you may need. 12 inches for a 24 inch circle, 13 inches for a 26 inch circle, and so on. In my example, I will be making a 36 inch circle.

Now, do the exact same on the other side of the cone.

Do exactly the same on an imaginary line in the middle. Eyeballing the middle will be good enough.

Using your ruler and marker pen, connect the dots.

Using a half ways decent pair of scissors ( I had to search to find a set) cut along the line farthest from the point. This will give you the largest circle.

Unfold, and Ta Da, a pretty good shaped circle!!

Although not a perfect circle, it will be good enough for our purposes. If itís too large, just fold it up again, and cut on another line.