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Computer Tables

 No Sales Tax in Oregon
You save an additional 6% to 9% 

Computer/Utility Tables
6 Standard sizes         All are 29 inches high

Custom Sizes and Heights are available.
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CWT-16 x 40                          $179


CWT-20 x 40                        $199


CWT-24 x 48                          $229


Add a shelf to any of the
three tables listed above.       $65

Unless you specify otherwise, spacing will be about 10 inches from top


CWT-24 x 56                          $379


CWT-26 x 58                          $389


CWT-30 x 60                          $399


Add a shelf to any of the
three tables listed above.        $95

Unless you specify otherwise, spacing will be about 10 inches from top


Natural color  shown in top 2 photos

     Here we have a table stained in American Cherry. The client wanted an extra shelf for books and other stuff. All of these tables may be ordered with an optional shelf. The shelf may be placed at whatever height you need. 

Medium  stain shown in below photo

Light stain shown in below photo

     These utility tables, also known as computer work station tables, are so versatile and useful that it's hard to list even half of all the things they are handy for. These are also one of the very few pieces that we make that aren't solid oak. But not to worry. There is very good quality here. Have you ever purchased a nice piece of office furniture and noticed that the staple holes  aren't always filled. Doesn't look very nice, does it? On these tables, they are all filled and stained. Most of the time you can't even find them.   We start with a very nice 3/4 inch oak plywood for the top. Not particle board, but high grade plywood. The same is used in the skirting that the legs are bolted to. Even the hardware is heavy duty. A large 2 by 4 inch angle brace with a 4 inch hanger bolt. Solid oak is again used for the edges and the legs.  
        To start with we designed this table to provide additional workspace for those of you that have one of those computer work stations in the office or spare bedroom in the house. Funny how you never seem to have space to put the printer on, or the scanner.  Never mind room  for reports or other paper printouts.  We offer the 3 standard sizes listed above.  All of these 3 size tables are the standard height of 29 inches.  As if that isn't enough,  we also offer these tables in custom sizes!!  You may need a special sized table for folding the clothes in the laundry room, additional counter space in the kitchen, or maybe a card table that is of so much higher quality than anything else you can find in a nearby store. How about a long, narrow sofa table for behind the couch, or another one for all your lovely plants under the front room window?  All tables are easy to assemble. All you need is one wrench!