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Cutting Boards

     On this page will be a new venture for us. Here you will see our examples of Custom Cutting Boards. All will be high quality one of a kind pieces made of solid Maple Wood. We will be using either Hard Rock Maple or Birdseye Maple. If you have a counter top,,just a section of one, or an application that you need a special cutting board for, just email me for a speedy quote.

As you can see, this first one is a highly customized piece. The overall dimensions are 37 by 48 inches. It is made of the Hard Maple. Your cutting board will arrive in an unfinished state. It will be very smooth and ready to treat with mineral oil, olive oil, or even salad oil. This will not only help preserve the wood, but also bring out the natural beautiful colors.

Below is the same board installed and oiled in the customers kitchen. It makes a truely interesting and practical island topper.

     Here we have a sample of the very beautiful Birdseye Maple. This is also a hard maple making it exceptionally desirable for cutting boards. I have included a couple of closeups in an attempt to show the bird eyes a little better. This piece is a lazy susan, so itís finished with a clear coat. Your cutting board will look every bit as good after itís oil treatment.

     Here we have another good example of level of custom work we do here. This piece was designed to fit over a clients countertop cook stove. The overall dimensions are 23 x 47, so itís a pretty good size. Being made of two pieces makes it not only easier to move, but allows access to the cooktop, and still have a cutting surface. The wood is called Wenge. The oil treatment produces an almost pure black result.