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     On this page we have a very unique design. Also known as the Donut, I prefer Ring, or Halo susan. Starting at a size of 48 inches, I designed this for the very large tables seen in some conference and board rooms. If you have a very large family or group setting, this may also be a benefit to you. The 24 inch hole in the middle is left open for some interesting opportunities. A floral setting, statue, table decoration or even TV screen or plasma displays are some possible ideas. A 30 inch Premium swivel base is incorporated in these pieces.

LSH-48     48 inches diameter     $799


LSH-54     54 inches diameter     $999


LSH-60     60 inches diameter    $1199


Prices above are for Oak.   Email me for a speedy quote on other species and custom sizes.

These images are of the smallest 48 inch size. This piece is made from Oak with a light stain finish.

Same piece, slightly different lighting conditions.

Here I show what the 30 inch Premium base looks like. This base is quite expensive and is included in the price of the piece when you order it.

Here is a closeup of the base.