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Kitchen/Kids Stool
KS-2        $69.00

Height      12 Inches                      
Length      17 Inches                    
Width       12 Inches


Order the Kitchen Stool to arrive fully assembled for an additional$15.00


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Medium stain shown in photo

     We call this our Kitchen Stool but it is also known as a Kids Stool.  Made of solid oak,  it's unique design sets it apart from other little stools currently available.  There are a couple of special features about our unit that we would like to point out.  First of all it is quite easy to carry.  Another feature is the unique design doesn't tip over as some other units are prone to.  We have designed this stool especially for little people.  In fact,  this small person is very special to us.  She is our first granddaughter, and her name is Corelle. The Kitchen Stool normally arrives unassembled. If you like, you can order this stool assembled for an additional fee of only $15.00.