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Laundry Hamper
LH-26          $179

Height         26 Inches                      
Length         20 Inches                      
Width          12 Inches


Order this hamper to arrive fully assembled for  an additional $35.00


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Light  stain shown in photos

     Here is a piece that is both unique and somewhat hard to find. Several features set it apart from other units out there. The solid oak lid is held in place with not a just a couple of cheap door hinges,  but a 12 inch continuous length of 3/4 inch piano hinging. The back and bottom are vented so as to protect your clothing. The front and sides are made of 1/4 oak plywood instead of the thin 1/8 inch material some other folks use. This unit is the same size as a standard hamper and comes to you partially assembled. All you will need is a screwdriver to finish the job. Itís quite easy to put together, and best of all, thereís no glue involved.

Roller Upgrade Kit
RUK-4          $49



     This is a new option as of June 2002. The other day a client asked me if I could put the hanper on wheels so that she wouldn't have to carry it down the hall to the laundry room. A light went off in my head!! What a wonderful idea! It's one of those things that's so obvious,  you never think of it yourself.  So right away I started looking for just the right casters. My goodness, there sure is a lot of junk out there. Fortunately I was able to find really nice ones so as to augment this already beautiful hamper. These high quality rollers are 2 inch diameter Hooded Ball Casters. As you can see in the larger picture, they are plate mounted. The hood is nice and strong for long lasting durability. It is made of metal, not some cheap plastic, and has a snazzy brass finish.  All holes are predrilled.

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