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 16 inches in diameter       $89.00 


 20 inches   in diameter       $109

Light  stain shown in photos



     Do you have any of those huge potted plants and trees around the house or your office? If so, have you ever needed to move them to either vacuum or just to move to a sunnier location. They get heavy in a hurry, don't they? Not to mention the possible danger of hurting your back. My Mobile Plant Stands are just the thing to do the trick. As you can see, they are constructed of Solid Oak, making these pieces very high quality, and actually adding to the beauty of your plants. The high quality rollers are 2 inch diameter Hooded Swivel Ball Casters. As you can see in the larger picture, they are plate mounted. The hood is nice and strong for long lasting durability. It is made of metal, not some cheap plastic, and has a snazzy brass finish.  All holes are predrilled. They move very easily across all floor surfaces, even carpet.