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   I have discovered that some folks don’t care for the white round spacers that come with the Premium bases. I agree that it may tend to distract from the overall eye appeal of the glass susan and the swivel base. As a solution I have developed the “Plug and Paint” concept. Here is how it works. First, the little white plastic spacers that come factory installed from the manufacturer are removed. Along with the resulting holes, the predrilled mounting holes are also filled, sanded smooth, then filled again and sanded until we have a smooth, ready to paint surface on the swivel. A rather tedious and involved process. Next the same paint process is applied as in the custom paint procedure you learned about on the previous page. Finally I provide clear plastic spacers that you will install between the susan and the base to prevent scratching.

   Please note: these prices are for the Plug Procedure only, They do not include the Custom Color paint job. The sample pictures below will give you an idea as to what the finished swivel base will look like. I have painted the base in the Claret Wine color. If you look closely you can see the clear plastic spacers.
     So, if you’re interested and want to order, here is the procedure:
   Order the plugging for the appropriate swivel base you want. Next, if you haven’t already done so,
click here to order your custom color.

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Base 13 PLUG                       $25 

Plugging for
13 inch Premium Base  


Base 17 PLUG                         $60

Plugging for
17 inch Premium Base   


Base 24 PLUG                       $115 

Plugging for
24 inch Premium Base  


Base 30 PLUG                       $170 

Plugging for
30 inch Premium Base