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Quilt Rack
QR-32      $159
Height      32 Inches            
Length      34 Inches            
Width       12 Inches


Light  stain shown in photo

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     So, you're looking for a quilt stand?  Ours not only offers practicality, but also has a very distinguished design.  All surfaces and edges are nice and smooth in order to avoid any snagging.  It's just perfect at the foot of you bed to hang Granny's special quilt on in the evening.  As you can see, there are not just one, but three rods to hang items on.  No, they're not those skinny 1/2 inch birch wood dowels like you see in some department stores.  These are nice solid 7/8 inch oak dowels.  The added width of a full 12 inches assures added stability. A very nice unit and we're proud of it.  Very easy to assemble and also doubles nicely as a towel holder/dryer.  ( Sorry, cat not included)

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