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How to Order  Custom Colors

We understand that your color needs may not be met with our standard stains. An additional 18 colors are designed to more closely match in these situations. There will be a Custom Stain charge of $15.00 per order providing that all pieces are ordered in the same color. If you wish to order more than one piece with a different Custom Stain, there will be a separate charge of $15.00 for each piece.  You can also order a set of sample swatches further down this page.

 Along each one of our products is a "Choose Stain Color" Box.

      1. Click on the down arrow,  your choices will be displayed.
      2. Click on the Custom selection.
      3. Click  the "Order"  button.
      4. Using the "Back" button on your browser, come back here.
      5. Click on the down arrow on the box below.
      6. Click on the color you would like to order.
      7. Click the "Order" button

      If you wish to order another piece in the same stain, you may do so now.  Make sure you select the Custom stain option. Do not come back here to select the same color stain. If you do, you will automatically be charged another $15.00 Custom Stain Fee.  I will be able to tell from the order form that you wish the same stain to be used.

      If you wish to order another piece in a different stain, you may do so now. Don't forget to select the Custom option. Then come back here, select the second color stain, and click the  order button as before.


Please select the Custom Color that you would like to order . Then click on the "Order" button.


Our Custom Colors Start Here

How to Order a Stain Sample Swatch

     The chips shown were captured with my scanner, and it's a pretty good one.  As you can see, some of the color differences are quite subtle. Due to the variances in computer monitors and the various settings to brightness and contrast that users may adjust their monitors to, I cannot guarantee with any certainty that the color represented on your monitor is exactly as it appears in the physical world. As a service, I am offering the ring of chips pictured below.  These are high quality samples in that all these colors are on real Oak Hardwood. This is by far the best way to assure you of as close a match as possible  with your existing furniture. All the chips come on a keychain thatís easy to take apart. The kids will like to play with them also. So, if color is critical,  please consider ordering this swatch. 

    CS-Oak     Color Swatch      $15

    5 Standard Colors           
    18 Custom Colors           


How to Order  Standard Colors

   In addition to the custom colors, we offer five standard colors that are designed to blend with your furniture made by other manufacturers.  There is no additional charge for these colors. Included are:


Along side each one of our products is a "Choose Stain Color" Box. By clicking on the down arrow next to it, your choices will be displayed.  Disregard the Custom option. Simply click on your selection, then click on the "Order"  button. 

Our Standard Colors Start Here