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     Here are examples of the stain colors available for these tables. You can also order a sample swatch further on down the page.

     The chips shown were captured with my scanner, and it's a pretty good one.  As you can see, some of the color differences are quite subtle. Due to the variances in computer monitors and the various settings to brightness and contrast that users may adjust their monitors to, I cannot guarantee with any certainty that the color represented on your monitor is exactly as it appears in the physical world. As a service, I am offering the ring of chips pictured below.  These are high quality samples in that all these colors are on real Oak Hardwood. This is by far the best way to assure you of as close a match as possible  with your existing furniture. All the chips come on a keychain thatís easy to take apart. The kids will like to play with them also. So, if color is critical,  please consider ordering this swatch. 

    CS-Oak     Color Swatch      $15