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   These new susans are constructed to look twice as thick as the regular ones. This gives them more of a “massive” or “beefy” look, for lack of better terms.  I have made up this 24 inch prototype using Cherry wood. I finished it with a natural clear coat so it’s easy to see the grain patterns. If you’ll notice, I have made the grain patterns in the lower layer flow in the same direction as the upper one. This means that the horizontal grains and the end grains all match.

Currently these are the types of woods that these susans are available in. Click on the type that you are interested in for pricing info. If you want a different lumber, just Email me for a speedy quote.





Special Purpose Bases

Here’s a shot of what this looks like underneath. This is the 12 inch standard swivel base.

This swivel base is the 17 inch Premium upgrade

Shown below is a 36 inch model.