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Swivel Bases

     I have had many requests asking if my swivel bases are available Ala Carte. These are the same swivels referred to as Premium bases in the TV Swivel and Lazy Susan pages of this website. Since all of the standard steel bases are readily available at your local craft or home improvement store, they will not be sold seperately.

Base 9                                 $59 
9 inches diameter 
Recommended for
12 to 16 inch susans   


Base 13                                  $59 
13 inches diameter 
Recommended for
16 to 20 inch susans   


Base 17                                $129 
17 inches diameter 
Recommended for
24 to 30 inch susans   


Base 24                                $239 
24 inches diameter 
Recommended for
30 to 36 inch susans   


Base 30                                $349 
30 inches diameter 
Recommended for
36 to 48 inch susans   


     Here are some images of the Premium aluminum bases. I would recommend the 13 inch base for 24 inch susans and below. The 17 inch bases I would recommend for 24 or 30 inch susans. The 24 inch base will provide excellent stability for the 30 inch susan, and the 30 inch base would be ideal for the 36 inch and larger susans.

    Here are the load ratings for each bearing

     9 inches      110 pounds   (not shown)
    13 inches      180 pounds
    17 inches      275 pounds
    24 inches      660 pounds
    30 inches      990 pounds

     Some folks donít care for the color of these bases. Click here to learn about metallic, pastel and gloss paint jobs.

     The small white buttons that you see are actually plastic spacers. These are inserted into predrilled holes at the factory. The idea being that if you have a piece of glass sitting on top, it wonít get scratched by the aluminum base. Some folks donít want to see these plastic spacers. Click here to learn about the process I use to remove these and plug the holes prior to a custom paint job.