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WB-16       $119.00

Height      16 Inches                 Length      16 Inches                  Width       12 Inches


Light  stain shown in photo

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   I received a request from a client to come up with a litter basket to match the LH-31 laundry hampers he ordered. Our WB-12 waste basket was a bit too small for his purposes, so I came up with this. I decided to add it to the line because I feel that not only does it compliment the LH-31 Hamper,  it's also a good match for the LH-26 Laundry  Hamper. As with my WB-12 wastebasket, the quality is also evident here. The panels utilize a high grade of 1/4 inch oak plywood. Both the inside, and the outside have a finished oak surface. In most any other basket you will find that the inside has a very rough suface, and will not be of oak. The base and framework are constructed of Solid Oak This piece arrives to you fully assembled. Complete with oversized felt cushion pads so as not to mar your hardwood floor.

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